Xen Notices

Xen Notices 1.1.2

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This update re-adds the ability to use some container params in the GritterNotifications template, e.g. $contentTemplate
  • Some criteria (page criteria) was not being evaluated
  • The Notification Center link would always appear if you have permission to view it, regardless of the option set in the Admin CP

Thank you for reporting these, @eterskov.
  • No longer requires Notices to be enabled
  • Resolves template error in debug mode if no Notifications are available
  • Placeholders, e.g. {name} are now usable in titles
  • ...and display (where possible) in previews.
  • Previews in the Admin CP are better formatted, e.g. bullet points etc.
This update restores the {pagetitle} placeholder which should return the current page title. Due to a bug this was previously showing just the board title instead.

Certain HTML formatting such as bullet / numbered lists are now possible in Notifications using HTML or the Redactor editor.

This update also resolves an issue with the installer which may affect you if you are upgrading from a very old version of the add-on.

Some people are reporting that they have not been receiving e-mails from FetchApp regarding updates. This does not matter. Please ensure you are "Watching" the resource here, and use any previously received e-mail which will always download the most recent version.
Some may have seen errors after uploading the files, but before you imported the add-on XML.

Performing the upgrade solves the errors.

However, Notifications 1.7.1 will also prevent these issues from occurring.

The installer also incorrectly states that XenForo 1.3.0 is required. This is a mistake. This version will work fine on XenForo 1.2.
Version 1.7 of Notifications brings with it a number of important fixes and performance enhancements.

They are:
  • New HTML rich text editor based on Redactor:

  • Birthday notifications functionality has been fixed to ensure the correct users are displayed in the notification.
  • Birthday notifications are no longer based on the users being followed. Instead a new option lets you provide a limit on how many birthdays will be shown (0 to show all).
  • A lot of code improvements and refactoring.
  • Performance enhancements! Notifications now have zero query overhead. Dismissed notifications are cached in the user's session, and the notifications themselves are now cached in XenForo's simple cache.
You should receive an e-mail from FetchApp containing a new download link, however any e-mail you have received about Notifications previously contains a download link which will also download this latest version.
This update fixes an issue where the Preview button may not work while previewing Notifications.

This update remains compatible with XenForo 1.1.x.
Resolves issue with Preview not displaying in the Admin CP
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This is a small update, but an important one.

In versions prior to 1.6, clicking on the "Dismiss Notification" link brought up an overlay asking you to confirm the dismissal.

After confirming you wanted to do this, you were returned to the home page.

To make this process more seamless in version 1.6, I have introduced some AJAX to handle this much more elegantly.

The Notification is now dismissed instantly when clicking on the Dismiss Notification link without the page needing to reload at all.

Hope that helps :)
  • Renamed add-on slightly
  • Fixes small permissions issue that can throw an error in some rare instances