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Xen Notices 1.1.2

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Been using this product since 2012. I haven't downloaded it all since then. 4 years later. I was STILL able to retrieve my download WITH EASE. Amazing.
thank you for such quality addon.. I have used it a while and just realized I did never leave a review, or just say thanks :)
Great tool to deal with various issues - mostly to press users into some behavior without being to restrictive.
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  • Version: 1.8.1
Bought this addon to enhance the friendliness of our site and encourage unregistered guests to register. This addon helped to achieve both goals. It was a piece of cake to install. It worked flawlessly the first time and was very easy to set up. It offers a lot of targeting options that permit you to reach your desired audience. It has a lot of customization features- that I have not even used yet, but will. All in all this is a product that should be a core part of Xenforo because of its utility to those who own web sites.
I needed a notification method to advise guests regarding cookies and this add-on is perfect for this purpose...
The original notification function is not so smart and customizable...I will use it for many other notifications as well..it works as expected..
Great work, thank's a lot!
Notifications is an essential add-on. It should be part of XF core and replace XF Notices starting with XF 1.5 for too many reasons to list here.

Chris was quick to respond to an issue I was having too.

Don't think. Just give him your money. Now.
Well done! The flexibility of this addon is where it really shines. I use to try to motivate users to register. Hoping for continued development and support.
One of the most brilliant addons so far! I like how it displays and how simple and clean it looks. Great job Chris, you nailed that thing, real talk man!
Love it! Easy and very powerful! Looking forward to see what will come from my forum with this!
Also easy to re-phrase if needed for us that have non-english forums.
Excellent addon and Chris does great support. I even bought 2! I'm using it to try to alleviate the bounce rate on the forums on one site and on another to remind people who have submitted media to the site to review other's media.
Great add-on and well integrated within XenForo. Able to customize it to exactly what was needed for our site. Chris is very helpful with questions and provides quality support.
Customization: From a customization standpoint, Chris has developed the notifications add-on in such a way that it's such a pleasurable experience customizing notifications to your preferences with the myriad of custom classes to give the design you have in your head to easily be pushed to your site. You can see many designs I've accomplished to backup this with regards to the customization and customizing notifications. https://xenforo.com/community/search/5694793/?q=notifications&o=relevance&c[user][0]=242

Pricing: I've always said this but can't be stated enough. For the amount of features this add-on possesses, There are tons of options and features followed by an abundance of layouts at your disposal. For the price you are getting yourself a bargain.

Can this replace the default xenforo notices? - In short yes, I solely used this to replace the default notices on my site. On the otherhand, notifications can work in harmony alongside notices where a smaller notification might suit a page where you want it displayed over a large notice (xf), and vice versa.

Support: Chris is amongst one of the best for supporting his add-ons, If you happen to have an issue, or need to understanding what options do what etc etc, chris is superb in helping in rectifying any issues that anyone will have and will help out promptly. Truth be known, the add-on is developed of such high quality with useability in mind chances are you'll not have any issues.

Development: With regards to development, Chris always strives to include new features and constantly updates the add-on with each update. With each update notifications has significantly improved and matured into an essential add-on which I'm sure if you purchase you will not be disappointed. Again, for the time and effort along with the abundance of features in this add-on you are getting a bargain (almost to the point you'll feel like you stole it).

Overall: As a customer and from the moment i purchased I've been very happy with the add-on from easily to style notifications and build quality to the improved updates Chris has made. 5 stars all day long.
Chris D
Chris D
Never mind a minimum review length, we might need a maximum length too! Wow. What a fantastic review. If I could review your review it would be 5 stars all day long. Thanks Shelley :)
Superb Addon, must have!
Excellent product, well worth the money - so many user targeting options - perfect for marketing :)
Simply Purrrrfect.
Covers everything I need, and make notices "noticed"
I adore this addon because you can use it for many things. A must-have for forums! Easy to use, helps those who aren't familiar with HTML, and requires very little editing unless you want to customize things. A+++++!!!

Thanks Chris for another awesome addon!
Shoudl have been part of the original Xenforo code. It's inherent in my site. Very well done.
Worth every last pound!
Great addon, very powerful...and wonderful support. Chris is a very nice and friendly person.
Excellent Mod