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Xen Notices 1.1.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
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Feature Summary
  • Permission controlled management of notices on the front end
  • Edit your notice content with a proper HTML editor, powered by Redactor
  • Additional tokens for replacement inside notices including {board_url}, {board_title}, {page_title} and more
  • Easy custom styling of floating notices using the XenForo colour picker
  • Display a floating notice every day showing "Today's Birthdays"
  • Automatic notice reset system. Allow your notices to be automatically reset every X (hours|days|weeks|months)
Product Details
In 2012 I released the Notifications add-on which proved to be very popular and ultimately inspired some of the new features added to Notices for XenForo 1.5. Not all of the features from Notifications could be added and this sadly left some people who were unable to move their Notifications to the new floating notices of XenForo 1.5.

Xen Notices aims to bridge this gap. The best of the remaining features from Notifications (and one or two more) have now been brought over to XenForo.

Upgrading to Xen Notices from Notifications
Xen Notices is a completely new add-on, therefore it can be installed side-by-side the Notifications add-on. No data is transferred between them so your existing notifications will need to be recreated as notices.

How to download Xen Notices
Xen Notices is completely free to existing Notifications users, but the distribution of the add-on is moving to Xen Resources. To claim your free Xen Notices licenses, you will need to register at Xen Resources, and click the "Claim License" button (just above the Add to Cart button).

You will need your FetchApp order number and the email address it was sent to. You will have been sent an email with these details a fairly large number of times. The email subject will be similar to "Downloads for Order 854450387174967" and the email will be sent from notifications@fetchapp.com.

Once you populate your order number and email address, the license will be automatically assigned to you. If you are unable to for whatever reason, then start a conversation with me with as many details as possible.

Chris D
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Latest reviews

Been using this product since 2012. I haven't downloaded it all since then. 4 years later. I was STILL able to retrieve my download WITH EASE. Amazing.
thank you for such quality addon.. I have used it a while and just realized I did never leave a review, or just say thanks :)
Great tool to deal with various issues - mostly to press users into some behavior without being to restrictive.
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.8.1
Bought this addon to enhance the friendliness of our site and encourage unregistered guests to register. This addon helped to achieve both goals. It was a piece of cake to install. It worked flawlessly the first time and was very easy to set up. It offers a lot of targeting options that permit you to reach your desired audience. It has a lot of customization features- that I have not even used yet, but will. All in all this is a product that should be a core part of Xenforo because of its utility to those who own web sites.
I needed a notification method to advise guests regarding cookies and this add-on is perfect for this purpose...
The original notification function is not so smart and customizable...I will use it for many other notifications as well..it works as expected..
Great work, thank's a lot!
Notifications is an essential add-on. It should be part of XF core and replace XF Notices starting with XF 1.5 for too many reasons to list here.

Chris was quick to respond to an issue I was having too.

Don't think. Just give him your money. Now.
Well done! The flexibility of this addon is where it really shines. I use to try to motivate users to register. Hoping for continued development and support.
One of the most brilliant addons so far! I like how it displays and how simple and clean it looks. Great job Chris, you nailed that thing, real talk man!
Love it! Easy and very powerful! Looking forward to see what will come from my forum with this!
Also easy to re-phrase if needed for us that have non-english forums.
Excellent addon and Chris does great support. I even bought 2! I'm using it to try to alleviate the bounce rate on the forums on one site and on another to remind people who have submitted media to the site to review other's media.