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A client recently ran into an issue of some users editing old posts to either remove all of their content or to insert rule breaking content, such as spam. This would cause disruption and confusion in threads in which the users participated and was not easy to keep track of until they had already edited most or all of their posts.

The client's first instinct was to set a time limit after which old posts would not be able to be edited, but they found that many of their users had legitimate reasons to edit old posts (for instance, authors keeping an index going of their stories).

As such, they needed a way to still restrict and keep an eye on users taking advantage of the edit abilities, while not causing a major disruption for their legitimate users.

We came up with a feature to allow users to edit their posts but if they do so too many times within a certain amount of time, their edit permissions would be removed temporarily and staff members would be alerted via a post in a certain thread that listed all of the posts that had been edited.


  • Set a maximum number of edits per user group
  • Set a time limit for making the maximum number of edits
  • Automatically add a post in a certain thread when a user reaches that limit
  • The user will regain edit abilities once the time limit after the first edit they made is passed.
    • For instance, if the user can make 10 edits in 120 minutes, and they make 1 edit and then 9 edits an hour later, they would have to wait 1 hour after the 9 edits for the first edit to drop off, and then they could make one more edit for another hour.
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