Who Replied

Who Replied 2.1.1

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  • Fix unexpected file hash failure when latest version of Post Friction is installed.
  • Require XF2.1+
  • Rework Who Replied? filtering.
    • Allow pagination with a filter
    • Fix pagination would cause the dialog to blink away during loading
  • Fix information disclosure by allowing filtering of users who replied to a thread by admin user search criteria.
  • Respect when view count is formatted with 'short' numbers.
  • Minor compatibility tweaks
  • Fix 'prefix' checkbox layout bug with XF2.1
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  • This add-on appears to have no compatibility issues with XF2.1
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Update Readme.md to be explicit this add-on automatically adds permissions for per-forum user-groups and global user-groups
  • Minor cleanup
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  • Ensure HTML attributes using phrases are escaped properly
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  • Properly extend client-side phrase list, allowing translations to reliably work
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  • Correctly generate XF2 search links from the Who Replied form.