What's New Digest

What's New Digest 5.0.5

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New features:
  • added an admin interface to edit user preference
  • number of threads to send is now configurable
  • number of emails to send in test mode is now configurable to avoid flooding
  • option to send digest emails to all users, not just recently active users
  • option to exclude discouraged users from receiving digest emails
Bug fixes:
  • fixed font awesome icon
  • fixed some hard-coded strings which should have been phrases
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  • ignore users who don't have an email address
  • mail template tweaks
  • remove old class extensions that shouldn't be there
  • bugfix: we weren't setting $total in the controller even though we passed it in the template parameters, we don't actually need it for display_totals and php 7.3 now errors when we pass an unset variable to compact(), so removing it
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