Beta Watermarker 1.0.0 Beta 7

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add - Option to work only from a certain attachment ID. For example, to avoid duplicate watermarks on images with watermarks that are already burnt in.
add - several new variables for watermark text, currentYear, uploadDate and uploadYear

fixed - ICC profiles are now preserved. Previously, the loss caused colour incorrectness in images that had embedded ICC profiles.
This update removes the changes from the previous version.

[add] It is now dynamically determined which attachment handlers are registered in the system and these can then be selected in the options.

This allows flexibility in controlling where watermarks are displayed, regardless of whether Watermarker supports this add-on. As soon as an attachment handler is registered in the XF system - Watermarker supports it.

Info: It is possible that no phrases are displayed in this option. In this case, none could be determined.
[add] Watermarker for XFMG
[add] Watermarker for XFRM
[add] XF Conversations

[*] Code revision in some passages
Caching was improved and a cron for cleaning old images was added.
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