[VNNET] Up Thread For XF2

Unmaintained [VNNET] Up Thread For XF2 1.2.2

No permission to buy ($17.00)
- Optimizer function Permissions.

- Added option change date, time format.


Reactions: Tealk
- Create new function for 'Permission', it's get exactly value when group's combination.

- Fixed some phrase.

- Minor fixed bug.
- Fixed compatibility with Xenforo 2.0.5
- Add option display rigth or left the reply button.
- Now it''s support UIX theme.
- Added permission limit up thread by owner and orther threads.

- Remove option limit up thread by owner and orther threads.
- Added message response after up thread.

- Minor improvements.
- Fixed error when permission unlimited up thread for a day.
- Fixed error installer.
- Added limit times in a day permission.
- Some minor improvements.