Vertiforo Custom Header

Vertiforo Custom Header 1.1.1

No permission to buy ($4.99)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
- you need Vertiforo theme to make it work!
Updates duration
12 months support after buy
Visible branding

Demo: (choose Vertiforo)

  • set custom logo
  • set preset animations for logo
  • set time of animation
  • set how many times animation should be repeated
  • set width
  • set height
  • set margin-top (to better fit site)
  • set opacity
  • set position (left, middle, right)
  • responsive
  • set custom renders (two)
  • set preset adnimation for renders
  • set time of animations for renders
  • set how many times animation should be repeated for renders
  • set width for render
  • set height for render
  • set margin-top for render
  • set flip for render
  • turn on/off each render
  • set background
  • set preset animation for background
  • set time of animation for background
  • set how many times animation should be repeated for background
  • you can check which image is used in admin panel
  • everything in one panel
  • smoke effect
  • ids for each render


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Latest updates

  1. fixes + smoke effect

    - small fixes - ids for each render - class for each render - smoke effect with settings
  2. Custom css

    ADD: - custom css for Vertiforo Custom Header
  3. Small fix with permissions

    - removed unused permissions from admin panel

Latest reviews

I installed the add-on, and it did not work, so I contacted the author. He said that it only works on his custom styles, and that it was stated in the "additional requirements" of the add-on. I didn't see the "additional requirements," and ended up purchasing it thinking it would work. After I installing it, I realized it didn't work. After the author explained to me why it didn't work, I kindly asked him for a refund. He said he would not. I will NEVER purchase any add-on from this person again. It isn't the money involved here, but rather the principal of the issue. I personally would never do business like that to anyone.
You need to read additional requirements. I offered you discount for my themes but I won't make any refunds beacause you didn't read descriptions. Plugin is working as is described. There are many users using it on their forums without any problems.