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vBulletin 4 2.0

A style based on vBulletin 4.

  1. Amaury
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    vBulletin and the ā€œVā€ logo are registered trademarks of vBulletin Solutions, Inc. This style is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

    vBulletin 4.png

    vBulletin 4 Color Palette.png

    • To install this style, simply download it and import the XML file.
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 2.0
  2. General Update
  3. Fixes and Fine-Tuning

Recent Reviews

  1. imno007
    Version: 2.0
    Looks great, super easy to install (just import the xml file), and easy on the eyes. Some templates need to be merged by hand when using with XF 1.5, but no big deal. Thanks!
    1. Amaury
      Author's Response
      As soon as we're able update to XenForo 1.5.7, I'll try to push out an update.
  2. Bombardier
    Version: 2.0
    Does this work with version 1.5 , I havent installed it yet but have rated it on what I have seen here
    1. Amaury
      Author's Response
      It should, yes. It's just a basic color change with some template edits. At worst, you'll have some outdated templates, but nothing that hugely impacts anything.
  3. zoldos
    Version: 2.0
    Simple template that makes everything easy to read. It is very compatible with all the mods I'm using. Makes Xenforo much nicer and is a welcome change from the all the dark themes I've been using.
  4. Windveil Blues
    Windveil Blues
    Version: 1.11
    Very nice add-on for adding the vB 4x look and feel to our Forums! My only comment would be that the banners seem a bit too close on top of one another.
    1. Amaury
      Author's Response
      If you can provide a screenshot in the thread, I can take a look at that.
  5. almql3
    Version: 1.11
  6. Fuhrmann
    Version: 1.10
    Beautiful. Really nice style.
  7. semprot
    Version: 1.7
    Excellent. I've been looking for skin which is similar with vb 4.
  8. Gabby
    Version: 1.1
    Not bad. Much better than your other styles. :)