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[UW] Forum Comments System 1.9.3

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
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This Forum Comments System add-on allows users to post comments under a reply in the forum. The add-on basically functions as nested replies for the main reply in the tread, suitable also for Q&A threads.
This FCS add-on combines similar functionalities as you can find in vB5, Facebook and xF2 profile comments.

There are already 13 user group permission options available now organized in a dedicated section. Notification, alerts are sent no matter where the comment is written, whether it is in a new or an old reply.

The demo version is installed on this website and you can test it in the testing section here: https://ultraweb.co/forums/fcs-testing-area.2/


Here I've made first example of using this FCS in a forum. There are two threads. Both with exactly the same posts in the same sequence. One thread is with comments and the second is done the traditional XF way, using quotes, without comments (never mind the content, it's just an example not real opinions).

This thread is with comments: What are you listening to? - with comments
- all responses nicely stacked under one post. well organized, space saving, easy to read and see what other people think about the post.

This thread is without comments: This thread is done the traditional XF way using quotes, without comments: What are you listening to? - no comments
- Now, you decide what looks nicer.

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This is a very extensive comments system so please read this manual to better understand how this Forum Comments System works.


There are several ways how you get notified about a posted comment in watched thread.
  • E-mail notification. You will get an email notification. A link in the email will bring you straight to the comment.
  • Alert pop-up window. A link in the alert pop-up window will bring you straight to the comment.
  • Notification in Forums Main category.
  • Notification in "What's new".
  • Notification in "New Posts".
  • Notification in "Latest activity".
  • Postings Comments also included in user's profile under "Postings".
  • A "new" post indicator for comments. Regular feature for a reply works also for a comment to help with the notification.

There are already 13 permission options now organized in a dedicated section.
1586611619258.png 1586611682973.png 1586612519602.png
  • Moderating functions activated also for comments. You can now delete, undelete, approve, unapprove, move and copy comments using the moderation checkbox/moderator's toolbar.
  • Enhanced comments deleting. You can use the same functions for deleting comments as for regular replies. You can remove the comment from public view, permanently delete it and also notify the author.
  • Enhanced comment editing. You have the option to edit the comment the same way as a regular reply with a "History" link too.
  • History and revisions for comments. After editing a comment also the "History" button will appear with the same functionality as for a regular reply.
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own comments. Please note that this permission works with the combination of permission "Edit own post/comment". If someone has the permission of editing any comment/post, then this permission will not take effect
  • Approve/unapprove comments per forum. By default FCS add-on will allow comments in all forums. But with this feature, you can disallow posting comments for any forum you want on your website and for any user group.

Moving, merging, creating replies and threads from comments. With properly set permissions, you can move, merge or create a new thread out of the reply with comments.
You can move a reply with comments and create a new thread out of the reply. The reply will become first post (OP - original post) and the comments will become regular replies.

Or you can move the reply into another thread with two options:

1. Selecting just the reply will move the reply the way it is - comments will stay as comments, except when you are creating a new thread. In that case comments will always turn into replies even if they are not in the first reply.

2.Selecting also the comments - comments will turn into replies when merged with another thread.

The pagination works similar way as in XF2 profile comments.
1586612830787.png 1586612860269.png
There is added extra top row, on the left side you can see the total number of comments in the reply. And on the right side is the link to get to the rest of the comments.

By default, last 3 comments are always visible. In the settings you can set how many comments you want to keep visible.

In the first option you set the number of latest comments you want to see under the reply on a page load. Setting it to 0 will load all comments.

With the second option "View previous comments", you can set the number of comments loaded when "View Previous comments..."link is clicked. Setting it to 0 will load all comments.

NOTE: If a reply becomes so popular that gathers more than 40-80 comments, I think that reply might deserve to be moved to own thread. IMHO.

Once you decide not to use this add-on, there are several options.
  • Use of importers. If you know about any other comment add-on you would like to use instead, just the importers needs to be built and you will be able to import your comments to another comment add-on.
  • Approve/unapprove comments per forum. Or you can just disallow using this add-on to all user groups and just keep the existing comments as is. By default FCS add-on will allow comments in all forums. But with this feature, you can disallow posting comments for any forum you want on your website and for any user group.
  • Add-on uninstall with preserving the comments data. The default behaviour is that on uninstall all the data, including the comments, are removed. But with this feature, you have the option to preserve the comments data by ticking the checkbox "Don't remove comments data" when the uninstall window pops up.
This way a comment will be converted into a reply with a quote of the reply under which the comment was posted.

1586613223763.png 1586613255962.png 1586613294052.png
  • BB code and rich text editing. Creating forum comments allows you to use the rich text editor, full BB code (and Markdown ), smileys and everything that comes with it. This is the same editor as XF2 is using for profile comments.
    1. Functions of Reply an Quote links preserved
    2. Mentions support with alerts
  • Reactions. Default XF reactions also available for forum comments with the same use and functionality.
    1. Permissions "React to comments" added to Groups & permissions
    2. Reactions will be preserved also after uninstall, if "Don't remove comments data." selected.
    3. With notifications in alert window.
  • Commenting a comment. Now you can comment a comment. It works similar way as in the second level for Facebook comments. A comment will include the user's name you are commenting, plus (what Facebook doesn't have), the back button icon when clicked, will bring you to the commented comment.
You can see it in use here.
  • Text editor added also at the end of the comments. There is a "Comment" link in the post action bar. If you've got a long list of comments then you would have to scroll up to tap the Comment link. We now have a "Write a comment..." input directly below the list of comments. Clicking this, as mentioned above, loads the editor which, again, also supports rich formatting.

🔹Does it work in tapatalk, forumapp or any other programs or applications?
I don't know. Please ask the creators of those apps.

🔹Is it possible to comment on the original post (OP)?
For the OP the reply is basically a comment, so no. Also because in this system, from a reply, you can make a new regular thread, where the reply becomes OP and all comments turns into regular replies.

Please click the link More infoto read other important answered questions.

If your forum is using this FCS add-on and you want to have your forum promoted here, just send me a PM with your forum link and I will showcase it here:

Checkout my other very useful add-on that works great with this FCS add-on, [UW] Smileys Bar for text editor allows faster, easier access to the smileys:
Smileys Bar takes the whole XF smileys default functionality to the next level. The main purpose of this add-on is to add to the bottom of the text editor a bar with the most common, most used smileys (Recently used, XF default smileys/Uncategorized smilies) that are always visible so you have fast, easy and convenient access to them and without covering the text area.


And with smileys menu open:


A magnifier button on the right side of the Smileys Bar, when selected (in blue colour), will insert xF stock emojis into the text editor in max size, and that is 64px. You can have smaller size, if you want, it is admin configurable. And it has also user group permission so you can allow this only for a user group of your choice.


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  1. Version 1.9.3

    🔸Fixed error message: Call to a member function canView() on null...
  2. Version 1.9.2

    🔸Fixed error log: error [1264]: Out of range value for column 'message_count' at row 1
  3. Version 1.9.1

    🔹New features regarding comments notifications and also a phrase updated. 🔸Images button on...

Latest reviews

Easily the best addon in the XF marketplace not only in idea but in execution. Once installed the addon just works (after you setup permissions) with no extra configuration needed. You'd think an addon as thorough as this would have loads of confusing options but that is not the case at all. The developer is highly responsive and clearly cares about the longevity of such an important feature for our communities. Can't wait for my users to start commenting!
Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated.
A must have addon for active forums.
A very talented developer.
Top notch support and very quick response time.
Since 4 months of using, now I got 396,000+ of comments.. just Wow!
Thanks a lot for the great review. Much appreciated. That is a lot of comments. When people get the chance to use comments, they use them.
An excellent plug-in for any forum owner who wants to add another layer of conversation to threads. This makes the Xenforo experience feel modern, on par with the user experience of Reddit / Facebook and other social media platforms.

When I first installed this plug-in, I encountered some bugs and brought them to the developer's attention, also along with some suggestions on how to improve the plug-in (adding more granular control over the notifications). They responded by immediately providing support and released an updated version, fixing all of the bugs and on top of that, adding more functionality per my suggestions! You will not find this unparalleled support anywhere else. Get this plug-in, trust me, you will not regret it.
Thanks a lot for the great review. Much appreciated.
Intuitive design adds a new level that helps keep the main discussion on-topic. Developer is quick to respond to any issues.
Thanks a lot for the great review. Much appreciated.
One of the best addons ever. Our users like this one and they are using the forum comments like hell. Clean your posting from 100 of following postings and let your users comment on the post! Great addon and an outstanding support as well!
Thanks a lot for the great review. I am happy to know that users of such a big forum you have, with a huge number of users, like FCS and find it useful.
One of the best addons we installed and use on the board. Our members love this comment feature. The support of the programmer is fantastic!
Thanks a lot for the great review. Much appreciated.
Really well integrated add-on for Thread comments. I'd been looking for something similar and this fulfills all my needs. Also, a super responsive developer with bug fixes and support. Highly recommended!
Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated.
5-Star add-on without hesitation.

Can't believe I'm the second one to leave a review here for such a high quality add-on. It makes the threads look much more eye and brain friendly. It's very thoughtful and almost, if there's really any, bug free after so many updates.

The developer is responsive and is willing to listen and consider any constructive inputs which is a big plus.
Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated.
Impressive how well it goes, an incredible job, thanks for the addon, very useful for my forum, administrators are very happy
Thanks for support. :) Work is in progress already for another update. In case a problem, just send me a PM.