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User Notes 1.0

Users can leave notes for each other.

  1. ThemeHouse
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    About this add-on
    This add-on is designed to add a notes system on your forum for your members to leave notes for each other. Notes are posted with Rich Text Editor and have a minimum and maxium characters limit. Members can leave x number of notes per day. They will receive an alert when someone posts a note on their profile.

    Posting and viewing of notes are group permission controlled.

    An option to reset all notes that a member has received can be found at the Moderator Tools link. It is available to admins, supermoderators and other staff members only.

    A full list of all features and permissions will be listed below.

    • Members can leave notes for each other.
    • Members are limited in their notes per day.
    • Members can view notes on their own profiles or all profiles depending on permisisons that they will have.
    • Members can view notes by self or notes by anyone.
    • Members can edit and delete the notes that they have posted themselves or all notes. Editing and deleting notes have a time limit based on minutes.
    • The notes will be displayed on a tab on members profiles.
    • Minimum notes length. Staff members will not be affected by this.
    • Maximum notes length. Staff members will not be affected by this.
    • Truncate notes per member.


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