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Upload Signature Pictures 1.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
If users use IMG to link to external images in their signature, the images could be any height, or any filesize which might disrupt other user's browsing experience.

  • Admin can define image size and width/height
  • Images will be saved in data/sigpics/, similar to how avatars are stored.
  • Add user group permissions who can upload signature image
  • Add permission who can see other user's signature image
  • Delete signature image
Note :
Please send me PM if anyone need this addon or also i can add any other feature on it
fahad ashraf
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Latest updates

  1. Upload Signature Pictures

    Feature: Add user group permissions who can upload signature image Add permission who can see...
  2. Upload Signature Pictures

    New Feature: Add signature delete feature

Latest reviews

This is great to use, since I've disabled IMG bb code usage due to invisible image IP logging capabilities.
This was something loved on my old VB site, glad to have this option for my users again. I like that I can control the size of the uploaded image.
Exactly what I was looking for- Members were looking for an easy way to upload signature pics, and this is it.
Seems to work really well and replicated the functionality my old vbulletin members missed, the only criticism is there doesn't seem to be a way to delete the images once uploaded, but I may have missed that.
Addresses signature images workflow well. Integration in both Admin panel and in User profile screens makes is feel almost native