Upgrade Manager

Upgrade Manager 1.1.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
MIT License
Updates duration
6 Months
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View User Upgrades, edit them and see payment logs of users directly on their profiles pages!

With this AddOn you have the possibility to view the user upgrades of users directly on their profiles without having to go to the Admin Control Panel. Furthermore, upgrades can also be edited directly on user profiles, i.e. you can either create new upgrades manually and distribute them with a desired end date, remove active upgrades from users or change the end date of already active upgrades to a new desired one! Actually everything you can do in ACP! Why use this AddOn then? The possibilities of this AddOn are completely linked to permissions and completely phrased! So you can give moderators or other specific user groups this possibility WITHOUT having to give them access to the control panel. Combined with the payment logs, authorized groups can also track when users have purchased upgrades or reverted payments.

Feature list
  • See Active Upgrades in a new tab on user profiles
  • Manage upgrades directly on user profiles
  • See the payment log directly on user profiles
(Everything on a per user basis)

  • View any upgrades
Allows to view the active upgrades of all users
  • View own upgrades
Allows you to view only your own active upgrades
  • Manage upgrades
Allows to edit users' upgrades, i.e. create new ones, delete existing ones or edit active ones
  • View payments
Allows you to view the payment log (depending on the first two permissions)
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