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Unmaintained unBound Style 1.0.1

unBound Style Template

  1. netkingZ
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    [31 Nov 2014] Project suspended. Maybe it will resume in the future.

    What is it?

    Unbound Style is supplemented by an add-on that handles many of the parts of the template, in order not to have restrictions.

    The add-on handles colors of the template and also the top navtab called Social-menu where you can enter your Socil network, and then decide whether to activate or deactivate facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and googleplus.

    This is the demo that you can try:
    Choose from the special section at the top of this template

    - add-on UnBound Style Management
    - UnBound-Style.xml
    - Folder UnBound

    Upload contents of upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
    Install addon-UnBoundStyleManagement.xml file.
    Install UnBound-Style.xml file.

    We accept recommendations on possible improvements to be made to where they are needed, we believe that only through private conversation.
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Recent Updates

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