Turnkey Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone

Turnkey Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone 2.5.0

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Latest reviews

This is a great solution for forums looking for an app, it let you use all your current features and your own style with native in app features as well

Creator is very active and listens to the community and try to add as much requests as he can, fully support the dude
This addon has really helped engage our users. It also allows us to push alerts to members who have the app downloaded, about special/key events. The alerts system is brilliant. Our members are notified nearly immediately of replies to their threads/posts/conversations!

The add-on is getting better and better each time! I can't thank the team enough for the improvements they have brought to my forum. Infact, I'm so happy with it - I'm about to purchase it for another one of my forums, to help drive user engagement.

Excellent App and Great Support! This app continue to get better with each release. Highly recommend this app to anyone looking to provide mobile experience to forum users.
Compared to the older version, the new version has really changed a lot regarding the performance and the looks of it. The bugs are ironed out pretty quickly by the developer as well. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the new version.
I've been on the app since 1.1. It's grown massively. The improvements that the TurnKey guys bring is brilliant. The quick responses/resolutions to bugs is second to none. Admittedly, because we had such a custom forum in the early days the app had a few teething issue, but the guys quickly released updates and helped us get around the issues by fixing things and improving the app so much. Seriously - avoid the likes of TapaTalk and look at this app. Try the free one, if you like, definitely upgrade to premium. The services are brilliant. Thanks so much TurnKey guys for you persistence and dedication - keep up the awesome work!
I just recently got this for my site and so far all the members that have downloaded it seem to love it. I keep hearing people say "it's only a wrapper, blah, blah, blah" but if you have a very nice style that looks good on responsive then this app is awesome especially for the push notifications which are very nice. The addon developer is very responsive to questions for support or even ideas. I highly recommend this app to anyone.
The fact that the technical support professional is a great feature
Added to this, and are also committed to deadlines and joining startlingly
Wonderful and happy and the results to deal with them
As seen in the screenshots above, TAZ is now running TMA - we're happy with the functionality and with the support and rapid response to questions, suggestions, and criticisms. Highly recommended.
I purchased the app and my users love this. They really enjoy having a more native experience than the browser and the push notifications really help. The apps are regularly updated and improved along with suggestions. They have made my forum a more engaging place for my users. Great work
As an early user of this, I'm very impressed on the progress and updates coming. Really deserve it's price for the quality of the application and the app setup both iStore and Playstore.