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Turnkey Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone 1.2.58

Boost member activity, Drive more traffic, Preserve your custom add-ons, ads, and themes, Turn-keyed

  1. vbresults
    With These Apps, You Can
    • Boost member activity with quick posting and push alerts
    • Drive traffic from social media into your forum with in-app sharing
    • Preserve your investment in custom plugins, styles, ads and SSO/user bridges
    • Provide an app branded with your custom logo and colors
    • List forums restricted by usergroup, without the potential risks in an API
    With TMA
    • We turn-key Android and iPhone/iPad store setup and updates
    • We don't insert advertising, only your ads show
    • No store accounts required, we can use ours (you save US$99.00/yr + US$25.00)
    • No Mac required, for providing iPhone/iPad version (you save US$899.00)
      Why: Apple only allows you to publish apps with a Mac
    • You are protected with a 60-day 100% No-questions-asked Money-back Guarantee
    With TMA, we turn-key everything on the app stores for you and provide big savings on app publishing. If you want to publish the app yourself, click here to see our DIY plan. To use your own app store accounts but have us do the work, ask about our Enterprise plan.

    Click here to try a 1-week demo on your forum for free.

    Screenshot: Version 2.0 Private Beta

    Simulator Screen Shot Oct 15, 2016, 5.23.57 AM.png
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  1. * Turnkey Mobile Apps 1.2.58

Recent Reviews

  1. Amin Sabet
    Amin Sabet
    Version: 1.2.58
    Excellent mobile apps for iOS and Android. Works well if you have a good mobile site to begin with. My members like the fact that we have an app with notifications. Developer is responsive, and app store submissions and acceptance occurred on schedule. It took a total of two weeks from when I uploaded the required materials to when they were accepted by Apple and available on both the Apple and Google stores. It was easier to do than I expected. Very pleased!
  2. Ernest L. Defoe
    Ernest L. Defoe
    Version: 1.2.52
    I just recently got this for my site and so far all the members that have downloaded it seem to love it. I keep hearing people say "it's only a wrapper, blah, blah, blah" but if you have a very nice style that looks good on responsive then this app is awesome especially for the push notifications which are very nice. The addon developer is very responsive to questions for support or even ideas. I highly recommend this app to anyone.
  3. tosalem
    Version: 1.2.41
    The fact that the technical support professional is a great feature
    Added to this, and are also committed to deadlines and joining startlingly
    Wonderful and happy and the results to deal with them
  4. The Sandman
    The Sandman
    Version: 1.2.3
    As seen in the screenshots above, TAZ is now running TMA - we're happy with the functionality and with the support and rapid response to questions, suggestions, and criticisms. Highly recommended.
  5. Dannymh
    Version: 1.1.41
    I purchased the app and my users love this. They really enjoy having a more native experience than the browser and the push notifications really help. The apps are regularly updated and improved along with suggestions. They have made my forum a more engaging place for my users. Great work
  6. RoldanLT
    Version: 1.1.15
    As an early user of this, I'm very impressed on the progress and updates coming. Really deserve it's price for the quality of the application and the app setup both iStore and Playstore.