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[TRN] RSS Extended

[TRN] RSS Extended 1.6.1

No permission to buy ($12.00)
Adds images and additional configuration parameters to control the RSS stream
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Each installation requires a separate license.
Updates duration
Unlimited for XenForo 1.x
Visible branding
This resource is now available on Tux Reports.

This add-on extends the core RSS functionality by adding the following options and changes for the global RSS stream as well on forum specific RSS Streams.
  • Add images to the RSS Feed Items. Choose to get images from the post which is on display or have this add-on dig for images in the whole thread (Ascending or descending). Images can be full sized or thumbnails. This feature works only with images that are attached to posts, not with hyperlinked images.
  • Supports 3 different ways to include the images in the RSS Stream (CDATA, ENCLOSURE and RSS Media)
  • Choose between displaying snippet previews from the first or the last posts of each thread in the RSS feeds.
  • Choose if the URLs in the RSS stream should lead to the first, last or first unread post in each thread. (First unread is not recommended due to that it's not supported for guest sessions)
  • Option to choose that the newest RSS items will be those with the latest thread creation dates. (replies will be ignored)
  • Option to specify what forums to excluded from the Global RSS
  • Option to remove quotes from RSS feed entries.
  • Posts that are soft deleted or posts in the moderation queue are excluded from the RSS.
Without this add-on, the XenForo RSS stream will only display a snippet from the first post of each thread listed. The links in the RSS stream will always lead to the first post. While letting the reader of the RSS stream know that there has been an update in the thread, it won't show what's actually new.

Settings are made within Options->Threads, Discussions and Conversations


How images looks in your RSS Feed depends on what aggregator is used to read them. Below is an example what the RSS Feed may look like when using a common browser (Firefox)

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Latest reviews

Excellent add-on that solved my problems converting forum posts to RSS feed! And great support by author that modified his add-on and helped solve my issues long going issues!
Useful addon, allowing me to promote easier my forum on Social network. Author is very friendly and resolve any problem in no time. Easy to use and customize. Everything can be controlled and customized as you prefer to show in your RSS for social networks.
Thanks @farang for creating and supporting this addon.
One of the best experiences I had with a developer, even if my issue was not related to his addon, farang helped me with extensive explanation how to import RSS feed between two of my forums.. a million thanks farang.
Excellent add-on with RSS functionality like RSS should work. I use RSS for publishing my forum content to my social networks and this is what I want - in the snippet of content it shows the content of last post and not always from the first post in thread.

Thank you farang for add-on, which I highly recommend.

Thank You @BassMan for Your kind review and recommendations. I really like the idea how you use your websites RSS stream to create content on social networks. It saves a lot of tedious work. Way to go!