Threadloom Search for XenForo 1.5.x

Threadloom Search for XenForo 1.5.x 2.1.1

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Brilliant solution! In fact, there was a time when we mistakenly disabled the addon and our users were "forced" to use "enhanced search) and quickly stated (complained?) that they wanted the ThreadLoom search back.
ThreadLoom's search works great. It is better than the default search. I have found it more useful.
We are convinced. After much testing (easy with side-by-side test mode), we've found the search results returned by Threadloom to be superior to our elasticsearch results. The recent addition of a superb filters UI was the catalyst for this review. Bravo! Support is outstanding as well.
So far has been great. Author is responsive, service is solid and search on XF is finally usable. This is one of those must-have addons.
Testing right now in my big board, the search work fine, the results are better than with elasticearch, but a little more slow because are served remotely, but for me the more important thing is the ability to combine logical operators like and or between, plus post prefixes, many authors, etc. Is an initial release and by the moment i only miss the posibilitie of translate to Spanish.
My overall satisfaction is high with this product
I had never used Elastic Search, so I can't make any comparison with that one. But compared to the default search, this surely is one hell of a beauty. Plus, it doesn't completely remove the old search, so you users can still access that later, if they need to. It also support filtering through keywords, such as "user:username", "thread:id" and maybe some others that I haven't looked into. That's just beautiful! Ah right, one more thing, quick & friendly support! And all hail the FREE plan!
Worked with Paul over the past two weeks to get this up and running on Ran into implementation issues and he worked with my hosting company to get things running smoothly. He was great at communication and I'm really pleased with the install process and the search results as well! Much more relevant that just the Xenforo Enhanced Search was giving me. Well worth the time and effort to get this up and running.