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Questions and answers

Q: Do you sell or share my data?
A: No. We will never sell or share your data.

Q: Do you offer a free version?
A: Yes. Threadloom Search is free for sites with up to 10M posts.

Q: How do you make money?
A: We charge a monthly fee from larger forums.

Q: Do I have to pay if my members or guests search more?
A: No. All tiers – free or paid – include unlimited searches.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: Yes. You can try it for free for 30 days regardless of how large your forum is. If you need more time, DM me.

Q: How is Threadloom Search different from XenForo Enhanced Search?
A: Threadloom Search returns 10x more results. It includes image search, spell correction, and WordPress search. It's also easier to perform advanced searches, and easier for you to administer because you don't have to run anything on your server.

Q: What if your servers go down?
A: We're built on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, which are fairly reliable. If they do hiccup, Threadloom Search automatically fails over to native search.

Q: Do you observe my theme settings?
A: Yes. You can also override colors with RGB of hex values.

Q: Is your UI responsive?
A: Yes. Check out the example links above from whichever device you prefer, or see the attached mobile screenshots.

Q: Do you search over Resource Manager entries?
A: Yes. We do this through Custom Search Tabs, meaning that the Resource pages need to be crawlable / visible to search engines.

Q: Does the plug-in work for XenForo 2.x?
A: Yes. Please see our listing here.

Q: I have a customized search module for certain nodes. Can I exclude Threadloom from those nodes, or only use Threadloom for certain nodes?
A: Yes. This requires a small template change. The instructions are here.

Q: How does this integrate with Threadloom Newsletter?
A: Threadloom Search forums who also use Threadloom Newsletter will eventually get the option of personalized email newsletters for their members.

Q: Do you have any secret search superpowers hidden in the product?
A: Of course. ;) Check them out here.