Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 2.x

Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 2.x 2.1.5

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Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How effective is email?
A: Email is the most cost-effective user acquisition channel, next to organic search. On average, our customers realize CPCs of ~$0.0025. For many top communities, email is the second biggest driver of traffic to the site behind organic search

Q: How is Threadloom Newsletter different from other email newsletter options?
A: Threadloom uses algorithms to select the best content for your email newsletters. This produces higher click rates and more traffic to your forum. Threadloom is also fully integrated with XenForo, and automatically keeps your lists in sync. Finally, it includes everything you need to effectively send email newsletters, regardless of how big or small your forum is.

Q: Do I have to enter a credit card to get started?
A: No. However, if you have a large forum, we recommend entering a credit card to avoid interruptions in reaching your community.

Q: Is there a limit on how many contacts / how large of a forum Threadloom Newsletter supports?
A: No. Threadloom Newsletter has individual forums sending over 250,000 a day, and sends out millions of emails every week

Q: Do I have to use Threadloom Search to participate in Threadloom Newsletter?
A: No. But good news! Threadloom Search customers who also use Threadloom Newsletter will get the option of personalized email newsletters for their members.

Q: Do you sell or share my data?
A: No. We will never sell or share your data.

Q: Do you offer support for XenForo 1.5.x?
A: Yes. Please see our listing here.

Q: I'm upgrading from 1.5.x or 2.0.x, do I need to do anything?
A: Yes. Please contact us via our helpdesk or email us please include your forum url. For more information please see our helpdesk article, here.

Q: Does this use xen:callback infrastructure?
A: No.

Q: Does this make API calls?
A: Yes. This plug-in uses API calls to verify your subscription and create your index. If you optionally use Threadloom Search, it also makes API calls to retrieve content.

Q: Can any community use Threadloom Newsletter?
A: We welcome all communities, as long as they adhere to our community of standards, found here. If you have questions regarding your community, feel free to reach out.