Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 1.5.x

Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 1.5.x 1.0

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Great add-on that has helped me foster growth. Engage audience and keep then coming back again and again. Would recommend!
I've used the vbulletin and Xenforo version of this addon, works very well, only takes an ~30 minutes to setup. After that I spend 10-15 minutes each week curating threads for the newsletter. Way easier than a homerolled solution. Especially useful on vbulletin which has the worst email system ever devised :P
Makes running a regular weekly newsletter so easy! Give their AI feedback for about 2-3 months to let it know what you like and what you don't in a newsletter, then just let it run on auto. It's amazingly easy and my community loves it!
I've had very good response from my members on this. There are still some improvements threadloom is working on, but they get them together pretty fast and are very responsive.