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Threadloom Newsletter lets you easily send your communities' best content direct to subscribers' inboxes.

It uses algorithms to select your best content. This produces newsletters with higher click rates, and saves you time. You can send newsletters automatically, or create a review panel to curate them with Curation Assistant.

You can get started in minutes with automated curation. Send up to 25,000 emails per month for free, which includes everything you need for a successful newsletter: SendGrid email delivery, Kickbox email address verification, Curation Assistant, XenForo list synchronization, Acid-tested templates, and reporting. After your first 25,000 emails per month, pricing for additional emails is $0.20 per 1,000 emails.

Threadloom Newsletter also now offers custom scheduling to find the perfect fit for your community's needs. grew daily traffic by more than 10% with this feature (you can read the case study here).

When you pair Threadloom Newsletter with List Builder (included with Newsletter), you create an opportunity to capture drive-by traffic. Be sure to check out Threadloom’s List Builder here.

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(If you've already installed the Threadloom Search plug-in, you can skip the 1st 3 steps below. Threadloom Newsletter uses the same plug-in as Threadloom Search, but you do not need to use Threadloom Search in order to use Threadloom Newsletter.)

  • Register on the Threadloom website.
  • Download and install the plug-in.
  • Wait for your forum to be indexed (~500K posts/hr).
  • Update your DNS records (optional).
  • Upload your logo.
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Latest updates

  1. Introducing Primary product insertion

    By enabling Primary products for your newsletter via your Threadloom dashboard, products being...
  2. Threadloom Newsletter now includes 25,000 free emails per month

    Removed credit card paywall Each account is credited with 25,000 free emails per month

Latest reviews

Wow, has this been an INCREDIBLY easy solution and win for our site (and our community... and our revenue)!!! Our previous solutions (addons, scripts, Amazon SES, etc. etc. etc.) were a mess and a total pain to manage. That was just on the tech-side. The newsletter curation process was another nightmare all it's own.

Now we can pretty much "set it and forget it" as much or little as we want. We've also had great success selling sponsored newsletter insertions, and we use the custom HTML insertion in the TL interface.

SUPER easy to use and very affordable! Support has also been excellent.
Excellent newsletter generation. The back end does great work selecting top threads, so much so that we hardly do any manual customization. Effortless and incredibly effective, it's a no-brainer. List Builder interstitial has signed up a ton of drive-by guests as well. Love Threadloom.
Great add-on that has helped me foster growth. Engage audience and keep then coming back again and again. Would recommend!
I've used the vbulletin and Xenforo version of this addon, works very well, only takes an ~30 minutes to setup. After that I spend 10-15 minutes each week curating threads for the newsletter. Way easier than a homerolled solution. Especially useful on vbulletin which has the worst email system ever devised :P
Makes running a regular weekly newsletter so easy! Give their AI feedback for about 2-3 months to let it know what you like and what you don't in a newsletter, then just let it run on auto. It's amazingly easy and my community loves it!
I've had very good response from my members on this. There are still some improvements threadloom is working on, but they get them together pretty fast and are very responsive.