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Threadloom Community Search (TCS) Early Access

Cloud-hosted site search

  1. threadloom
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    - XenForo 1.5.5 or higher
    - PHP 5.3 or higher
    - TLS 1.0-1.2 (can connect to external servers via HTTPS, e.g., curl -v https://api.threadloom.com)

    - If using FastCGI, you may need to modify your timeouts. Some shared hosting platforms may not allow modification of FastCGI settings.
    - If your board is running on Windows, curl requires a trusted root certificate to make an HTTPS connection.
    (We will provide instructions and support for above.)
    Free during Early Access. 1 year of free service after Early Access ends, for customers who install during Early Access and provide feedback.
    Visible Branding:

    Threadloom Community Search (TCS) is the 1st cloud-hosted site search engine designed specifically for forums. It brings the power of enterprise cloud-hosted search to your forum without technical knowledge, additional server resources, or maintenance. For most forums, installation takes less than 5 minutes: Install the plug-in and enter your account name and access key.

    For a full list of features, visit the Threadloom website. Some highlights include:
    • Search quality: We combine our community-specific ranking model with world-class stemming to produce higher quality results than you'll get from any other forum site search engine.
    • Real-time indexing: New posts appear in search results within seconds.
    • Node permissions: Only content that users have permission to view show up in their search results.
    • Adaptive styling: TCS automatically detects your site font and colors, with options to override them to specific style variables or RGB or hex color codes.
    • Machine-learning-based spell correction: TCS can fix slang ("I'm gona buy this"), homonyms ("for" vs. "four"), word breaking ("stro llers"), common names (e.g., "Stephen Spielberg"), and emerging brand names.
    • Modern search tools: Forum filters, modern search operators, forum-specific restricts (user, tag).
    • Security: Threadloom uses Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. All data is encrypted in transit and, in Google Cloud, at rest as well.

    Request an access key

    To use TCS, you need an access key. Click on the Resource URL at top or go to http://bit.ly/tcs-request to fill out a 2-minute survey.

    There is no charge during Early Access, and customers who install TCS during Early Access and provide feedback get 1 year of service free.


    Admin options


    Desktop search


    Expanded card


    Mobile search with tag: restrict


    Spell correction


    User: restrict

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Recent Reviews

  1. dvsDave
    Version: Early Access
    Worked with Paul over the past two weeks to get this up and running on ControlBooth.com. Ran into implementation issues and he worked with my hosting company to get things running smoothly. He was great at communication and I'm really pleased with the install process and the search results as well! Much more relevant that just the Xenforo Enhanced Search was giving me. Well worth the time and effort to get this up and running.