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Thread Starter Alerts 2.1.5

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Add front-end option for users to set watched content notifications to "OP emails" by default instead of no emails, or all emails
  • Generate 'staff alerts' (when Threadmarks & Advanced bb-codes pack is installed) as a separate alert action, and do not allow staff alerts to be ignored.
  • Allow thread starter emails to trigger all the time a thread starter posts (like alerts) instead of just when "OP only emails" is configured
  • Fix that the per-user option "Thread Starter replies always alerts" was not always being respected
  • Require XF2.1, remove XF2.0 support
  • Allow staff posts with threadmarks to always trigger Staff post alerts (requires Advanced Bb Codes Pack add-on)
  • Improve robustness of triggering Thread Starter post alerts
  • Add "Followed user" alerts support for Watched Forums
    • Per-forum user opt-in
    • Send an alert/email when a user who is followed posts a new thread
  • Enrich Watched Forums with word-count info if Word Count Search is installed (like OP alerts are)
  • Fix cases where watched threads did not email out OP alerts as expected
  • Requires updating Full Message Text Permission add-on to v2.1.4 if it is installed
  • Improve push support
    • Add a dedicated push template
    • Fix bug where "staff posts" (integration with Threadmarks & Advanced BbCodes Pack add-ons) would be marked as "OP post" via push.
  • Work-around for XF bug where push templates not having expected state
  • Fix possible N+1 query behaviour on alerts page
  • If a user has configured thread starter only emails for a thread/forum watch, do not send normal emails
  • Advanced BbCodes Pack/Threadmarks integration; if 'staff' Threadmark category Id is set, then alerts with that threadmark are considered "staff" posts intead of "OP" posts
  • Allow editing "Thread Starter replies always alerts" option via admincp (fixes sv_always_alert_for_op being set to 0 in change log when saving a user)
  • Allow setting default "Thread Starter replies always alerts" for user registration.
  • Rename phrase thread_starter_replies_always_alert => sv_always_alert_for_op (Fixes unphrased variable name in change log)
  • Fix that alert links to the thread and not the post (finally)