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Thread Starter Alerts 2.2.5

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  • Compatibility fix for Alert Improvements v2.8.11+
  • Fix "Thread Starter alerts skips mark read" user preference being incorrectly set to an empty value if Alert Improvements wasn't installed
  • Fix incorrect view permission check when generating a 'thread starter alert'
  • Fix case where a post reply alert is incorrectly marked as a thread starter
  • Fix not doing full visibility checks when displaying a threadmark in alerts
  • Improve threadmark integration, by showing threadmark label & category in a thread starter alert
  • Change phrasing text for "Thread Starter alerts skips mark read" user preference,
  • Move "Thread Starter alerts skips mark read" to be with the other Alert Improvements "X skips mark read" options.
  • Revert setting the default value for "Thread Starter alerts skips mark read" to enable, this does not update existing users.
  • Add front-end option for users to set watched content notifications to "OP emails" by default instead of no emails, or all emails
  • Generate 'staff alerts' (when Threadmarks & Advanced bb-codes pack is installed) as a separate alert action, and do not allow staff alerts to be ignored.
  • Allow thread starter emails to trigger all the time a thread starter posts (like alerts) instead of just when "OP only emails" is configured
  • Fix that the per-user option "Thread Starter replies always alerts" was not always being respected