Thread Owner Rights

Thread Owner Rights 1.4.0

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New Features:
Manage Reply Bans​

'DeleteOwnPosts' permission conflict.​
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Admins are now able to delete on their own threads.
When updating the permissions for delete permanent delete would appear even if they didn't have permission. This has been fixed.
Updated the Remove Owner/ Add Owner functions - Refreshed the page.
Remove All Thread Owners - Select box the allows either a single removal or remove all.

Hard Delete functionality fixed. Allows uses with default hard delete permission to hard delete posts in own threads.
Added list of Thread Owners per thread under the remove owner button.

Also made it so that moderators/admins can add/remove thread owners via permission.
Moved Remove Owner Buttons and change design.


The issue was resolved. There was a typo in the entity for the posts, and therefore thread owners couldn't be removed. The typo has been resolved.
When updating to this version the required tabled will be created now.
Additional Thread Owners Option:
  • Allow original Thread Owners to add more owners to their threads
Poll Improvements
  • Allow thread owners to modify options in the poll.

To use this update please uninstall and then reinstall the add-on after the files are properly uploaded.


Likes: Nirjonadda
Release for Compability for Additional Thread Owners also fixes update issue of previous version.