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Thread Owner Rights

Thread Owner Rights 1.2.0

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Added the ability to:
  • See Deleted posts based on permission
  • Undelete Deleted posts on permission
Small Functionality Improvement:
  • Moved Permission Interface Groups to appear next to one another.
  • Modified the Edit the Permission to make sure all permissions work correctly.
  • Modified the Delete Permission to make sure all permissions work correctly
Added new features based on the requests from @Nirjonadda
  • Thread Owners can now see moderated posts
  • Thread Owners can now edit Polls on their own thread
  • Thread Owners can now merge posts in their own threads.

Removed Branding
Thread Owner Rights is now considered stable.

Added new feature:
  • New Permission: Can Hard Delete Posts (This allows users to hard delete any post in their own thread.)