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Thread Level Permissions (AKA: Private Threads) 1.0.3

Create threads only invited members can view

  1. Snog
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Single Use License (may be used on one website)
    Updates Duration:
    Lifetime for Compatible XF Versions Listed Above
    Visible Branding:
    Thread level permissions allows users to create threads that can't be viewed by members unless they have been invited to view the thread.

    • Prepend/Append text to thread titles
    • Change existing threads to private threads
    • Change private threads to public threads
    • Alert members when thread is created
    • Add/Remove members after the thread is created
    • User/User Group permission based for users that can create private threads
    • Can be used at user, user group, forum level user or forum level user group levels
    NOTE: For security reasons admins can view all private threads. Moderators can not. Only the original thread starter can make a thread private/public.

    01threadperms.png 02threadcreate.png 03threadlist.png 04forumdisplay.png 05threadaddremove.png
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