• Assorted bugfixes
    • Incorrect blog post counter
    • Refactored many incorrect phrases
  • Views refactored
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Maintenence/bug fix release
  • Added missing phrase for comments in moderation queue
  • Fixed 'unspecified error' when creating a comment
  • Fixed styling issue on blog entries count in postbit
Added other blogs from author in blog view.


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Added pagination in the user profiles and at the Blog Management area in the Acp.
In this new version a few reported bugs were fixed and the following enhancements were added.

1) Added links to most active bloggers and my blogs.

2) You can view all blogs of an user by clicking in his/her profile.

3) Added a link to share the blogs to social medias like facebook, twitter, reddit, google plus etc.


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In this version, a time limit on editing/deleting own blogs and/or comments is available on a group per group basis.

Also an option to rebuild categories and users blog count has been added as well as to delete all users blogs, blog comments and blog ratings.


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In this version The inline moderation tool was added, which will allow users with the appropriate permissions to select multiple blogs for deletion/undeletion, approval and unapproval.

A quick stats block has been added on the blog page and at the categories page to show some quick stats for each category,

An option to re-order category display with ease has been added.

A link with users blogs has been added on their profiles.

A blog to show the most recent comments on a category per category basis has been added.

And as last but not least, a tool to recount and rebuild blocks has been added.


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Now it is turned to a full fledged blog. All the deatils and screenshots have been added to the Overview page.
The deletion of comments now supports soft and/or hard types. Soft deleted comments can be restored by users with the appropriate permissions. Comments can be sorted by date and or likes in Descending/Ascending order.

Users will not see the comments of those that they are ignoring. And as last, but not least the Inline Moderation tool for comments is available as well.
New in this version:

Categories: You can add unlimited categories from your acp. When you add an category, you can set it as parent or a child of another category. You can also set the category order in which to display them.

Watch Integration: Users can wact a blog and receive a notification when someone makes a comment on a blog(s) that they are watching.

More new options are planned.