Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
Updates duration
12 months, $15 updates
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
[TH] XenBlog - Add a blogging system to your forum


This add-on adds a blogging system to your forum.

  • Blogging system

  • Assign blogs to categories

  • Attachments supported

  • Admins can add 3 types of blogs:
    • Plain text with BBcode and smiley support
    • HTML
    • PHP (using the $output variable)

  • Add a navigation tab linking to the blog

  • Comment system

  • Display order by:
    • Most recent
    • Last updated
    • Most viewed
    • Most replied
    • Title (alphabetical)
    • Latest comments
    • Most rated
    • Most liked

  • Sort blogs in ascending or descending order

  • Sort comments by date or likes in ascending or descending order

  • New blog indicator for the navigation bar

  • Inline moderation of blogs/comments:
    • Mass delete/undelete
    • Mass approve/unapprove

  • Quick stats

  • Top bloggers

  • Display a select number of blogs on the forum index page

  • Like integration - blog owners receive an alert when their blog is liked

  • Blogs and comments can be edited or deleted by anyone with appropriate permissions

  • Soft or hard delete blogs - soft delete can be restored

  • Time limits for editing/deleting blogs

  • Maximum length settings for blogs and comments (excluding staff members)

  • Tagging integration - tagged users receive an alert

  • Daily limits on blog posts or comments

  • Reply alert - author receives an alert when a comment is posted on their blog

  • User group permissions can be set for blogs or comments to be moderated before being posted

  • Report integration

  • Sitemap integration

  • What's New integration

  • Search integration

  • Newsfeed integration

  • Moderation log integration

  • Users will not see blog posts by users they ignore

  • View IP permissions extended to view IP of blog poster or commenter

  • Admin blog tools:
    • Stick/Unstick blog
    • Enable/Disable blog
    • Enable/Disable comments
    • Prune comments
    • Prune ratings
    • See which users viewed the blog
    • See which users are watching the blog

  • Recount and rebuild to delete blogs, comments, and ratings by deleted users and guests

  • Notable page with a list of the top bloggers

  • Top commenters listed in a block on the blogs page

If you have any questions regarding this add-on feature please do not hesitate to ask in the discussion thread.

We hope the following screenshots will give an insight into how [TH] XenBlog can benefit your community:

First release
Last update
4.70 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1.0 Released

    Changes: Assorted bugfixes Incorrect blog post counter Refactored many incorrect phrases...
  2. Version 1.0.11 released

    Maintenence/bug fix release Added missing phrase for comments in moderation queue Fixed...
  3. Other blogs from author in blog view.

    Added other blogs from author in blog view.

Latest reviews

Very good addın but version is so old, 1.5 very old .. we are waiting for buy version 2.x.x ! please themehouse update it for last versions of xenforo...
When I bought "XenBlog" – which advertises itself as "full fledged blog"... – I can only say this is not the case. It is just ONE blog and it totally misses structure, user experience, logic and standard XF core classes. It is as simple as it gets, you can not have blogS (plural) per user, there is just one blog for ALL and it is mixing the terms "blogs" and "blog entries" (which they actually are only) together. CSS Classes like "moderated", "deleted" or "sticky" entries are missing entirely, so styling and customization is not possible until I would recode the templates myself, which wasn't what I was looking for... Looking under the hood of the code this is not XF standard development.
So sorry to hear about the bugs, glitches, or other issues you experienced in [TH] XenBlog. We will look into these before starting on such an add-on that relates to this on XenForo 2.0 along with updating this version for 1.x. Thank you for outlining some of the issues you have experienced as we will surely take it into consideration.
This blogging system is excellent. Borbole was very fast and helpful to answer a question that I had.
Thank you overifist :)
I looked for a while here on after a good blogging system for my XenForo forum and found Xen blogs. After a while with this mod I found a pleasure in it and have a great blog on my forum. The mod is not complicated and you can therefore work well. I can recommend it to others. While there are other similar mods, but Xen blogs is well compatible with current and XenForo 1.5.
Thank you :)
Very nice blogging system! It is packed full of features, easy to manage, and it integrated flawlessly with my customized theme. Thanks!
Thank you zoldos :)
Very well made and is performing well so far with several thousand blogs imported in it. Well Done Borbole!
Thank you Sadik B :)
This is by far one of the best applications I have bought and used from Xenforo. Well made, clean and very user friendly. It is essential to any forum and I highly recommend it.
Thank you for your review Rigo.
A very good addon purchase was worth it, I'll translate into German, it is well structured and clearly.
After I completed the German translation I'll provide them here to download.
Thank you Manshelf :)
As other have mentioned well done addon, so far it has been easily extendable for our purposes. We actually use it more like a article repository more than a actual blog system. I think this is one of the better implementations on Xenforo for this type of addon. Hope to work with the developer on building out new an exciting features.
Thank you :)
Great plugin! Quick and easy. With more opportunities to further improve functionality. If the author is a little add functionality, which I wrote in the subject of the discussion plugin - then this plugin can constant super popular. Thanks!
Thank you for your review @Qwatt :)