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[TH] User Ratings

[TH] User Ratings 1.0.1

No permission to buy ($15.00)
Unfortunately, this addon is really half-baked, and hasn't had any improvements since it was bought from waindigo. The biggest problem is one of it's 'features', that only admins can approve moderated ratings. There is no way to enable moderators to do the same. Also, any graphics associated with this addon are broken and do not work (at least with the UI.X Dark theme).

while i'd love to see a full featured addon that provides the functions of this one plus some more useful features (more prominent featuring on user profiles, ratings are buried in a tab) there are no other addons that do this. Unfortunately, this addon misses the mark by quite a bit, so I'll have to wait for someone to program something a little more feature-rich in the future.
Just bought it and i must say: awesome Ressource, works great, nice Person, excellent support for everythink. Thank you for this Addon.
Thank you :)