Great add-on and so glad it is free. ThemeHous provides some great services and I'm glad they continue to support this free one. Overall a really good upgrade, especially the connected account providers.
Thank you so much for the kind review, Mike! We are always glad to help and hear that our customers are enjoying our many products! Continue enjoying it! :)
This is great, it works very well and I love the trophies! The name colors and the self-deactivation were very important for me.
Great addon. It does what it states. In my case, I mostly wanted this for name changes and self accout deactivation, but guess that will benefit from trophies features too. Thanks for sharing!
Installed and working perfect. Cant believe this is free. Thank you so much for the effort you put into this.
I like! I've downloaded the mod and will be installing it on my forum. Thanks for making this free !
Good addon, it would be great to have the feature of "user self delete" in addition to the deactivation. In the EU it is necessary to fit the regulations of the GDPR, see:
This is a complete package, and everything a site needs.Brilliant addon and great job well done by the author! :) A++++
The additional features added in KL UI are very nice. The add-on features granular level permissions too, which is useful for controlling who can and can't use the added features.
Fantastic add-on with vital features that should be in XenForo to begin with. Friendly developer who you should consider contributing to.
Love the addon! Especially the fact that it's free!

Although, I'm not seeing a way to adjust a users color from an admin standpoint, I want my mods, admins, and content creators names to have different colors as well.
Hey there. Thanks for the positive review! I'll post a comment on your color problem in the discussion.
This is a very cool add-on. Thank you so much for providing it free of charge. I really like the self user name changes.
Thanks a lot for the review! Glad you enjoy my addon.
Very nice addon with a lot of nice and interesting features (connected accounts are very nice, like username changes or self-account deactivation).

A steam account integration would be very nice also ;) !
Thanks for the kind review. A Steam Login implementation is very unlikely for now, details are in the discussion for everyone that's interested in the "whys" of this decision.