[TH] User Criteria

[TH] User Criteria 1.0.15

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The warning and report criteria in this addon do not work well. For this reason the criteria have been added to @Xon 's warning/report addons.
I am pretty sure that there are other criteria that also malfunction. This is yet another waindigo addon where I poured my money down the drain. (I sponsored various features for it) I don't know how its possible to mess up something so simple as criteria.

Regardless of the bugs in this addon, it still adds value because some criteria do work.
Does everything I needed - a lot of criteria for my notifications. I wonder why isn't this in the Xenforo basic features yet?
Must have user criteria in order to create awards lists and this fits the bill in separating the wheat from the chaff. Indispensible and highly useful.
This was one of the first addons that I installed on my community, I feel it is of the utmost importance and that it should be integrated into the Xenforo core. Waindigo is an amazing third party developer and I use a number of his addons.
Fantastic, thanks.
thanks that was needed
Works perfectly after figuring out issues. Patient tech support - a must have. Thanks for a wonderful resource!
An excellent resource for anyone who wants to extend user criteria for User Group Promotions and Trophies. Waindigo is also very good to work with in extending the capability of his add-ons. Good, polite communication and swift development of agreed extended capabilities which were delivered much quicker than promised. Thank you!
I've experienced exceptional support from the author of this addon, who is also very personable and enjoyable to speak to. After extensive testing, I've concluded that the bug that MJD speaks of that I also experienced is the result of conflict with other addons, not a bug in Waindigo's code. Nevertheless, he was glad to take a look at things for me and quickly fixed a bug on another one of his addons that I use. High Quality addon by a High Quality offer!
Thank you it works good
Love it! WOOT!
A simple yet powerful addon for your community.Opens up lot of possibilities along with user upgrades from the same author