[TH] Trending

[TH] Trending 1.0.5 Patch Level 3

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Updates duration
12 months; $15 yearly renewal (or indefinitely with active subscription)
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment

Showcase your most active and relevant content so your users can find current information and get involved fast. Trending is intricately calculated by several factors based on the content type. This will aid in increasing user involvement and improving user experience by helping them find the content they want to engage in quickly.

Administrator Features
  • Use Trending for threads, media items, and resources
  • Create widgets based on the trending configurations you set
  • Add navigation tabs for trending based on the content type
  • Limit to specific categories/nodes or allow all of them to be shown
  • Support for user group permissions
  • Set Trending to be made your default forum page in Basic Board Information
User Features
  • Access the most relevant information swiftly
  • Find the most active content to participate in quickly
  • See how threads move in the trending thread list with an indicator for position change
Determine trending threads by:
  • Age
  • Replies per minute
  • Views per minute
  • Reaction score per minute
  • Reaction score + views per minute
  • Replies + reaction score per minute
  • Replies + views per minute
  • Replies + views + reaction score per minute
  • Minimum replies
  • Minimum views
  • Minimum reaction score
  • Node
Determine trending media items by:
  • Age
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) per minute
  • Views per minute
  • Comments per minute
  • Comments + views per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + comments per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + views per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + views + comments per minute
  • Minimum positive ratings
  • Minimum views
  • Minimum comments
  • Category
Determine trending resources by:
  • Age
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) per minute
  • Downloads per minute
  • Minimum positive ratings
  • Minimum downloads
  • Category
Free Branding Removal
This add-on does include branding but it can easily be removed for free! More information on how to remove the branding can be found here.

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First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.5 Patch Level 3 released!

    Changes: Fixes an error when adding a Trending section to the activity summary email
  2. Version 1.0.5 Patch Level 2 released!

    Changes: Fixes a bug with duplicate arrows showing in the trending threads view
  3. Version 1.0.5 Patch Level 1 released!

    Changes: Fixed an issue where when trying to filter trending results would result in an error

Latest reviews

the trending topic thread system offered is very good. My forum members like it very much, but if I allow you to give advice if possible, can you combine algorithms with TH reaction addons. maybe these addons will become more professional but ThemeHouse is already propessional. recommendation
Glad to hear you and your users are enjoying the add-on. We will take your feedback into consideration as well!
Always been a fan of trending systems, and this doesn't disappoint. Users love jumping onto popular discussion, it promotes discussion. Themehouse have taken leaps and bounds with the quality of their add-on's. Very smooth, no issues. Keep up the great work.
We plan on taking many more leaps and strides with updating this add-on and many more with some awesome updates! Be sure to keep a look out for them. Thanks so much for the kind words as well! :) Glad to hear you like [TH] Trending!
A good extension to highlight your topics, resources and media! No bug after installation. I recommend it for your forums ! ;)
Thank you so much for the kind review and glad to hear that you are enjoying the add-on! Also, thank you for providing a French translation for this add-on as well. Please do enjoy this add-on and let us know if you have any questions.