[TH] Topics

[TH] Topics 1.0.2 Patch Level 1

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Bugs fixed:
  • Error: array_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given
  • Error: Access level to ...XF\FindNew\Thread::applyFilters() must be public
  • On create thread, having selected a topic, removing main topic from modal shows limited topics set
  • Allow topic widgets to be added to any position
  • Description not showing correctly
  • Renamed topics filter algorithm to be more user-friendly
  • Added option to enable/disable topic filtering on certain pages
  • Added option to enable/disable All Threads and New Threads
  • Add option enable/disable node topics system
Bugs fixed:
  • Error experienced when clicking the 2nd or 3rd page in a sub-forum
  • Remove missing forums in all threads query instead of removing after
  • Error: Call to undefined method ThemeHouse\Topics\ThemeHouse\Trending\Trending\Thread::options()
  • Thread prefix filter not working on all threads
  • Creating threads with Topics enabled is too slow
  • Unable to create thread if thread topics disabled and no permission to create thread without a topic
  • Topic cache is currently rebuilt on every forum/category save
  • Forum should not be removed from thread list item if thread topics is disabled
  • Watch topics instead of watch forums
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