[TH] Thumbnails

[TH] Thumbnails 2.1.7

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  • Provided support for Widget Framework 2.6.3
Note: If you are not running the latest version of the Widget Framework you WILL get errors, please upgrade Widget Framework before reporting this as a bug
Bugs Fixed
  • Checks thread for forum details.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed the upgrade process.
New Features:
  • Made thumbnails now display naturally inside their container, removing the stretch effect.
  • Added option that will reduce external url size to 100px.
  • Added some styling properties to edit the thumbnail display.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Rebuilt entire attachment model to make more sense and properly work.
  • Fixed broken JS so option selecting is properly working.
  • Fixed the display option 'No Thumbnail Image' so higher priority options still work.
  • Fixed JS not being loaded due to typo.
  • Fixed Widget Framework so thumbnails show up now.