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[TH] Thread Rating

Unmaintained [TH] Thread Rating 1.5.1a

No permission to download
I bought this addon. Unfortunately, the guests do not see the ratings so therefore also Google do not see this.
So it's not work properly with Xenforo 1.5.15a :(
This addon works exactly as advertised. It was buggy at first but their latest release fixed all the issues I was having.
Nice and useful addon but after months Themehouse has still not fixed critical bugs. This includes a bug that causes thousands of Google errors.
Installed and working absolutely perfect in my XF Version 1.5.4. @wang have great addons and outstanding customer service. 1000% recommended. ★★★★★
Many thanks for your rating sir. I am glad to see that you are enjoying the add on.
This add-on runs with me on XenForo 1.5.3 and other premium add-ons compatible. If you have already installed which XenForo add-ons, it is also this very easy for you. The settings of the add-ons are very useful and you can also determine who rate a thread ..

For this purpose, it provides you a user-group permissions in the backend by XenForo. I'm with me of the Forum Admin, and had to register me as a normal user to test the add-on. That worked all right and so I now know that it works well. I think you may like to install this addon even, because if you have an active community, is already more likely that the forum users for wanting to review the threads. Handling is also very pleasant.
Many thanks for your rating sir.