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Unmaintained [TH] Social Groups 1.2.1

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The most elegant social group system I could think of. One new MySQL column and you can re-use threads for social groups. Simple, maintainable, brilliant!
One of the best and free group extension on xenforo that I have tried. A big thank you to the contributors who paid for this and most importantly to the creators.
Social Groups by Waindigo has all the fundamentals that private forum groups need, in a decently designed package. A few additional plugins that extend abilities are also available. They are amazing to say the least.
Definitely great for those that want to have their roleplay fun.
Yet another amazing Waindigo addon. I like how modular it is; you only need to install the aspects of social groups that your community really needs.
Excellent add-on for group specific socializing. :)
Great addon once configured!
lots of potential use for this addon
My users love the ability to have their own mini community. Excellent
Nice add-on. Does the job nicely and users feel they can have their own little community in the larger community :)
Almost perfect! :) Social Groups have some things that take a while to fully understand, but Waindigos support tops everything! Thanks for this great addon, your support and your licensing! :)
New version makes it super easy. LOVE IT
It's ok. While the finished product is nice, it is a lot of work for an "addon." It also requires other addons, which I don't really like., Plus it really needs a good set of instructions, unless youre a seasoned xenforo'er. It isn't newbe friendly.
Excellent mod by an excellent coder. Mods like this are a gift to the community.
Excellent start! Needs a few more things but i'm sure they're in progress :) Love it!
An outstanding and well thought out modification. One of the hidden jems within XenForo's resources. Outstanding