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What does this add-on do?
This add-on adds a new Social Category node type, within which you can set permissions so that users or moderators can create Social Forums from the front end.

Each Social Category can be set up with different default permissions, with additional user permissions given to users who opt to join or are moderators of a Social Forum. See here for a guide:


Social Forums can be customised with their own logos and full BB code introductions.

In addition to all the above features, Social Forums work almost exactly like normal forums, meaning they support built-in features such as post moderation, thread prefixes, spam filters, attachments, watching, etc., other Waindigo add-ons such as Newest Post First by ThemeHouse, and many third-party add-ons.

However, because Social Forums are not stored as nodes, you and/or your users can create a massive number of social forums without adding extra overhead to the rest of your site.

By selecting a Social Category as the location for threads to be created in Resource Manager categories, you can link a whole forum to each of your resources for better discussion.

Custom fields can be added to social forums by installing Custom Fields by ThemeHouse.

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2.1 released

    Bug fixes: Fixes bug that ForumThreadPost controller helper cannot be extended by other add-ons...
  2. Version 1.2.0 released

    New features: Added support for additional forum options in XenForo 1.4 (polls + thread list...
  3. Version 1.1.6 released

    New features: Added option to set default sort order for social forums in a social category...

Latest reviews

The most elegant social group system I could think of. One new MySQL column and you can re-use threads for social groups. Simple, maintainable, brilliant!
One of the best and free group extension on xenforo that I have tried. A big thank you to the contributors who paid for this and most importantly to the creators.
Social Groups by Waindigo has all the fundamentals that private forum groups need, in a decently designed package. A few additional plugins that extend abilities are also available. They are amazing to say the least.
Definitely great for those that want to have their roleplay fun.
Yet another amazing Waindigo addon. I like how modular it is; you only need to install the aspects of social groups that your community really needs.
Excellent add-on for group specific socializing. :)
Great addon once configured!