[TH] Smilie Importer

Unmaintained [TH] Smilie Importer 1.0.4

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New features:
  • Added support for XenForo 1.3, although you will probably want to uninstall and use the built-in importer/exporter in XenForo 1.3. As such, this add-on is now unsupported.
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Bug fixes:
  • Corrected incorrectly translated phrase
Bug fixes:
  • No longer conflicts with sonnb - Smiles bulk importer.
  • Added missing phrase for 'The provided file is not valid smilies XML.'
  • Added file health check and easy updater files.
Performance improvement:
  • Now uses string replacement rather than DOM replacement to add the import/export buttons to the Admin Control Panel.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug that all smilies are imported with CSS Sprite Mode enabled, regardless of setting in XML file.
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