[TH] Shorter Routes

Unmaintained [TH] Shorter Routes 1.0.1

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Perfekt for SEO, must have Addon. I came from VBulletib with VBSEO and had missed this option. Thank you for this Plugin. Works great for me. Still waiting for google to spider the new URLs
Thank you for this Excellent addon. Perfect for SEO on your board. Get it now, not later or else your board wont have good SEO at all. Shorter routes are easier for google to read your URL's
As someone who loves links, SEO, Google, Analyics, data and all the stuff in between. I love this addon. I'll see about paying Jon to release some more features for it.
Thank you for this AddOn. I was the one who requested it on the Suggestions forum, so naturally I was thrilled, and very grateful, to see that someone took the time to implement it. Thank you, and God bless!