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[TH] Reactions

[TH] Reactions 1.0.11 Patch Level 1

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  • Added rebuilding user reaction count.
  • Added rebuilding add-on columns if they are installed after reactions is installed.
  • Moved cache rebuilding to new page, Reaction tools.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed reactions not appearing in correct tab when listed.
  • Fixed styling issue with thread-bit pushing other elements out of its container.
  • Fixed incorrect primary key for user count.
  • Support for XF Resource Manager and XF Media Gallery
  • Widget to be used on member sidebar for reaction counts
  • Reaction bar moved above post controls
Bug Fixes:
  • Several potential errors fixed
  • Text reaction type counts were missing separators
  • Missing padding on reactions postbit bar when set to top
Full details on the updates on this release can be found here
Bugs Fixed:
  • Error when converting likes under certain circumstances
  • Unable to change color of default reaction trigger
  • Not enough padding on reactions for mobile
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed moderator ability to remove any reaction
Bugs Fixed:
  • Alert was not received for liked content types that are not supported by [TH] Reactions
Likes: Alien
Bugs Fixed:
  • Potential fix for add-on incompatibilities due to the way template functions were being registered
Likes: Alien
Bugs Fixed:
  • Error when reacting to guest (or deleted) user post
  • Error when converting likes to reactions when the liked content had been deleted
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed error when deleting user
  • Fixed error when rebuilding daily statistics for certain content types
  • Created a "Dislike" reaction, this is only applied on new installs if you're upgrading and would like to add this reaction you can use styles/themehouse/reactions/dislike.svg as the icon
Bugs Fixed:
  • Navigation visitor menu displayed likes instead of reactions
  • Display issue when all reactions are disabled for a content type
Likes: Alien
  • Additional caching in place for future functionality

Bugs fixed:
  • Fixes potential errors with multiples of the same reaction on a single content item -- if you run into this issue after updating just run Tools -> Rebuild caches -> Rebuild content react counts
Likes: Alien