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[TH] Reactions

[TH] Reactions 1.0.9 Patch Level 4

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Bugs Fixed:
  • Added rel="nofollow" to "show all link" as well as an X-Robots-Tag: none header to prevent indexing reaction list on posts
  • Fixed potential errors when reacting to content with no user criteria set
Bugs Fixed:
  • Direct viewing of link was possible to use a reaction when user criteria didn't match
Likes: Pinn
Bugs Fixed
  • XenForo Media Gallery content type was incorrect in template modifications, leading to an error. It has been fixed and the error will no longer cause issues if it is incorrect again.
Likes: Pinn
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed small styling issue with the padding.
  • Fixed a default value not being set for the global handler option.
Note that this is optional if you simply save the Reaction options and/or modify the style property Reaction Bar Style and set the padding for All to 10px.
Likes: Pinn
  • Disable reactions for specific handlers globally.
  • Disable animation and have the bar always visible.
  • Postbit can show percentages.
  • Choose the location of the reaction bar (post included but more can be added by request).
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue when a like is toggled, if the user no longer exists.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Missing alert/news feed templates for XFRM and XFMG
  • Potential clash with some add-ons fixed
  • Added rebuilding user reaction count.
  • Added rebuilding add-on columns if they are installed after reactions is installed.
  • Moved cache rebuilding to new page, Reaction tools.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed reactions not appearing in correct tab when listed.
  • Fixed styling issue with thread-bit pushing other elements out of its container.
  • Fixed incorrect primary key for user count.
  • Support for XF Resource Manager and XF Media Gallery
  • Widget to be used on member sidebar for reaction counts
  • Reaction bar moved above post controls
Bug Fixes:
  • Several potential errors fixed
  • Text reaction type counts were missing separators
  • Missing padding on reactions postbit bar when set to top
Full details on the updates on this release can be found here
Bugs Fixed:
  • Error when converting likes under certain circumstances
  • Unable to change color of default reaction trigger
  • Not enough padding on reactions for mobile
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed moderator ability to remove any reaction