[TH] Reactions

[TH] Reactions 1.0.14 Patch Level 2

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Bugs fixed:
  • News feed items/alerts not removed on uninstall
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Bugs Fixed:
  • Performance degradation when upgrading to 1.0.14 - Thanks to @Mike and @Chris D for helping us track the cause of this down!
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed conflicts with XenForo 2.1.
Note: we do not recommend running this add-on on XenForo 2.1, however this release will ensure that there are no issues when upgrading.
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Bugs fixed:
  • Reactions given page now shows a message when no reactions on the page are viewable instead of an empty page.
  • Lowered the chance of running into a memory exhaustion error when rebuilding user react counts on very large boards.
  • Resolved an upgrade error for earlier versions when Media Gallery was installed after reactions but add-on columns were never built.
  • Added installation hooks for XFMG and XFRM, automatically adding add-on columns if these add-ons are installed after reactions.
  • No longer sends notifications for reactions that have notifications disabled.
  • No longer prevents users from being deleted while XFMG and reactions are installed at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue with the reaction button not appearing under certain conditions even though it should.
  • Fixed an issue with the user reacted popup when attempting to open more than one popup per content.
  • Fixed an issue with the add-on column rebuilder being unable to add all required columns, hence triggering an error when creating media gallery albums.
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  • Added reactions to XFMG albums.
  • The default react button icon has been replaced with a smilie.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an error with the "Always show secondary trigger" style property.
  • User caches are now being pruned upon deleting a user.
  • Reaction items on the thread list no longer overlap.
  • React button no longer flashes after page load.
  • Clicking "undo reactions" twice will no longer open a new page.
  • Assorted styling improvements.
  • Unreacting from all content no longer throws an error.
  • Setting reactions per content to "unlimited" is now working as expected.
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Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an issue on moderator edit from not being aligned under reactions on other styles
  • Fixed an issue that caused an album like error
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple template errors to show which related to the XenForo Media Manager
  • Fixed an issue with button styling
  • Fixed an issue with margin and spacing
  • Improvements made on reactions styling
  • Added a reactions listing page
  • Default reaction types are now deletable
  1. Removed action hover on the reactions trigger
  2. Reactions are now supported on the XenForo Media Gallery
  3. Reactions are now supported on XenPorta articles and content
  4. Added a style property to make reactions overview on profiles be made into a profile tab
Bugs fixed:
  1. Fixed the issue that caused moderator edit to not align under reactions
  2. Fixed issues with Always Show Secondary Trigger on default reactions
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Bugs fixed:
  • Issue with reactions that overflowed
  • More than one reaction could be set per user per post from desktop and mobile devices
  • Reduced database queries
  • Fixed reactions that were displaying on the discussion list
Bugs fixed:
  • Hover intent broken after default reaction
  • Small jump on reactions after reacting
  • Issue with alignment of popout
  • Moderator edit not aligned under reactions
Bugs fixed:
  • Member reaction view with 0 results displayed empty page
  • Duplicate content displayed on member reaction view
  • Reaction trigger link styling issues
  • User criteria support for user promotions
  • New reaction trigger options
  • Hover intent to trigger reactions bar on desktop
  • Press and hold to trigger reactions bar on mobile, single click will use whatever default reaction is defined
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