[TH] Question and Answer Forums

[TH] Question and Answer Forums 1.1.4 Patch Level 2

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Bugs Fixed:
  • User best answer counts wouldn't properly update under some circumstances
  • Fixed styling to work better with third party styles
  • Moved threads were retaining Q&A status even if the new forum wasn't a Q&A Forum
  • Created inline moderator tools to add/remove Q&A status on threads
  • Style property to put number of best answers in postbit
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Bugs Fixed:
  • Up/down vote and best answer controls don't show up with DB Tech Shop installed
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Bugs fixed:

  • Incorrect function type on \ThemeHouse\QAForums\XF\Admin\Controller\Forum::saveTypeData
  • \ThemeHouse\QAForums\XF\pub\Controller\Thread::getNewPostsReply now returns posts as an ArrayCollection instead of an array to fix compatibility with other add-ons
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixes error when marking a guest post as the "Best answer"
  • Updating styling to work better with third party styles
Bugs Fixed
  • Sort by votes button displayed on non Q&A threads
Bugs fixed:
  • Minor incompatibility issue with [TH] Bookmarks
  • A ? icon will now display next to Q&A threads (#35)
  • Different styling is now applied to the best answer in a thread. By default Accent 1 is used as the background, but this can be customized to use a border or different color instead via style properties. (#34)
Features & Enhancements:
  • Alerts are now sent when a post is marked as "Best" by the author (or anyone with appropriate permissions)
  • Ability to set specific threads as Q&A threads
  • Ability to force threads created in specific nodes to be Q&A threads
  • Ability to target several user statistics wherever user criteria are supported
    • User has had at least X best answers
    • User has had no more than X best answers
    • User has received at least X up votes
    • User has received no more than X up votes
    • User has received at least X down votes
    • User has received no more than X down votes
    • User has at least X vote points
    • User has no more than X vote points
  • Unable to edit first post in some cases
Notes for upgrading:
If you already have 1.0.0 installed and upgrade to this version we will automatically set any Q&A forums you already have setup to force new threads to use the Q&A format to keep functionality the same as before. In the event that your Q&A Forum has a very large number of threads you may need to run the following queries manually if some existing threads do not show the proper format:

UPDATE xf_forum SET th_force_qa_qaforum = 1 WHERE th_qaforum = 1;
UPDATE xf_thread SET th_is_qa_qaforum = 1 WHERE node_id = X;
The second query you'll want to run for each of your Q&A Forums, and be sure to replace the X with the correct node ID
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