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[TH] Page Comments

[TH] Page Comments 1.0.1b

No permission to buy ($15.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
Updates duration
12 months, $10 updates
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
[TH] Page Comments - Add a comment system to pages


This add-on feature will add a fully Ajax and bb code & smiley editor comment system for your pages.

  • Flexibility: Comments can be enabled/disabled on a page per page basis. When adding/editing a page, under the Edit option you will see a new option added: Enable Comments (By default it is set to be disabled).
  • Comment Length: Comment messages have a maximum length limit set at the mod settings in the ACP. (Staff is excluded from this limit.
  • Pagination: Here you can set how many comments would you like to display per page.
  • Recent Activity: All comments made in pages will appear in the Recent Activity list. Only users who have permissions to view the pages will be able to view them.
  • Tagging Integration: Users can tag each other in comments. Then tagged users will receive an alert.
  • Daily Limit: A daily limit on how many comments users can make is available as group permission.
  • Moderation Queue: You can set it for users of a group(s) to be moderated when they comment in pages.
  • Report Integration: Users can report comments.
  • Edit: Users can edit their own comments and/or all comments depending on their permissions.
  • Delete: Users can delete their own comments and/or all comments depending on their permissions. Deleting can be done soft and hard. Soft deleted posts can be restored again.
  • Time limit: A time limit on editing/deleting own comments is available.
  • View IP: Users with the permissions to view the IPs, will be able to look up the IPs of commenters in comments as well.
  • Like Integration: Page comments can be liked by users with the appropriate permissions. The commenters will receive an alert when one of their comments(s) have been liked.
  • User Ignore: Users will not see the comments of those that they are ignoring.
  • Inline Moderation. You can delete, undelete, approve and un-approve mass comments through the inline moderation tool.

If you have any questions regarding this add-on feature please do not hesitate to ask in the discussion thread.

We hope the following screenshots will give an insight into how [TH] Page Comments can benefit your community:

1acp.PNG 2acp.PNG 3acp.PNG 4comment.png 5displaycomments.png 6alertlike.PNG 7recentactivity.png 8edit.png 9delete.png 10.png 11moderation.png 12tagged.PNG
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.1b Released

    Bugs Fixed: Renamed content type handlers to avoid confliction. Fixed pagination. Fixed content...
  2. Version 1.0.1a Released

    Bugs Fixed: Fixed page contents not displaying Enhancements: Moved comments below page contents
  3. Added Inline moderation tool.

    In this version The inline moderation tool was added, which will allow users with the...