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  1. 1.5
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About this add-on

This add-on is designed to control the display of the memberlist. The memberlist and the Notable page will be sorted in an alphabetical way. You can also set the display order of members in the memberlist by 6 extra criterias. Username, Join Date, Last Activity, Message Count, Likes and Trophy Points.

An option to sort the memberlist can be displayed on the memberlist page too. This option can be switched on/off from the add on settings.

Let us say, that you have some members who have been active, but have not been logged in your forum for a long time.

Or you do not want to list members who have not posted at all.

Or you have members who belong to a certain group that you do not like its members to appear on the memberlist. Now with this add on, you can exclude them with the 3 criterias added by it.

The add on adds 2 other settings that will make the Latest Members and Highest Posters blocks on the memberlist settings based, rather than being hard coded as they are currently.

Important: This add does not support non latin characters in names.

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Latest updates

  1. Alphabetical sorting display order

    What 's new in this version? Alphabetical sorting display order added for Memberlist and...
  2. Exclude members based on post count from being listed on the memberlist.

    What 's new in this version? Message Count criteria added. Now you can exclude members based on...

Latest reviews

This add-on only works with Latin characters, However the author didn't mention that until I purchased the add on, this kind of limitation should be made clear to all customers before buying.

You did not ask me either sir, before you purchased the add on. And from the screenshots posted, it is very clear and obvious that it does not support non latin charatcters in names. But I will update the add on description about this fact.

Best regards,
Adding the ability to instantly filter our membership listing, based on the alphabet, is a feature our users missed after we migrated our board from vB to XF. This add-on restored that capability, PLUS added a new Sort feature which is certainly a nice touch!
Many thanks for your rating and review sir.