[TH] Mandatory Fields

Unmaintained [TH] Mandatory Fields 1.0.2a

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Bug fixes:
  • Compatibility fix for Tapatalk, add-on functions are disabled if members are using Tapatalk.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed appearance of mandatory fields if opened in an overlay.
  • Fixed bug that page does not redirect after saving mandatory fields.
  • Fixed "Cannot reroute controller to itself" error when saving mandatory fields.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed "undefined method actionmandatory-fields()" error if Tapatalk is installed.
Bug fixes:
  • Correct XML now included.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes "Call to a member function setSections() on a non-object" error.
Bug fixes:
  • Added missing options.
Bug fix:
  • Addresses minor server error.