[TH] Join User Group

[TH] Join User Group 1.2.2d

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Bug fixes:
  • Fixed small bugs.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed packaging issue.
Bug fixes:
  • Missing phrase included (only requires you to upgrade via the XML)
  • Remove moderation queue entry if admin adds you to joinable usergroup.
  • Removed the joinable user groups in the user edit page and just put a label next to the usergroup if it is joinable.
  • Added rebuilding existing users to put them into the usergroup join table.
Fixes outdated code that causes error on newer versions of XenForo
New features:
  • Added ability to require specific custom fields to be filled in when requesting to join a user group. Moderators also have the ability to edit the values of required custom fields in the moderator queue if the "moderator editable" option is selected in the custom field.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes "Undefined offset" error and "Argument 1 passed to XenForo_Template_Helper_Core::helperUserNameHtml() must be of the type array, null given" error when moderator is deleted.
  • Updated moderation queue insert function to use XenForo_Application::$time instead of time().
New features:
  • Option to limit joinable user groups during the registration process to only one group.
Compatibility update:
  • Compatible with the registration changes implemented in XF 1.4.
New features:
  • Addition of joinable user groups to the registration page.
  • Options to manage registration user groups
Bug fix:
  • Added missing phrase 'waindigo_no_permission_to_withdraw_join_request_joinusergroup'
  • Corrected option name in moderation_queue_handler