[TH] Join User Group

[TH] Join User Group 1.2.2d

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This with the Discord Integration is an Amazing tool for Guilds, to let people put on Tags for Notifications for the Games they want.
Thank you so much for the kind review, were so glad to hear that you're enjoying this awesome add-on.
Thank you ThemeHouse for the very much needed overhaul of the addon. It never worked quite right for existing user groups but it does now, and they got rid of the duplicate groups on ACP making it more intuitive. It's really now what it always should have been. Thanks!!!
Seems to be working great! No errors for me on 1.5.5! I have been looking for something like this. Has everything I need
Needed add-on. Installed and worked as I wanted. Saved lots of time that I was losing to answer join email requests. Thanks.
This add-on does exactly what I need it to do and does so in an easy to setup way. Furthermore, thanks to Jon listening to the community, I can now use this with an easy to use brand free system.
Great, perfectly working addon. Unfortunately ugly in its matter of adding two credits on every f** site. No offense, its up to the author but this is too much. With all the +100 addons I used (other wandigo addons too) this is the only one with that excessive credit setting especially on sites that don't even have anything to do with the addon:
I am thrilled with this add-on, it does exactly what it said it would do. And let me mention that it was a very easy installation. Bravo! Support rawks too! Thanks for helping us out with a fantastic product.
Installed without a problem, was easy to set up, and it works. Just what I needed :)
Excellent support!!!
Required add on after importing from PHPBB, works perfect.
Doing exactly what we needed - forum sections request automatization.
Huge thanks for giving our community this improvement.
We had some problems with the early versions, but the 1.1.4 is mature and works flawlessly!
Great addon that adds essential functionality as someone migrating from vBulletin.
Great add-on, but difficult to use: There is no directly visible notification, you have to search the notifications. I explained here, where they appear: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/join-user-group-by-waindigo.27534/page-14#post-775107

I think this should be changed. Because of the poor visability I can only rate with 3 stars even if the add-on is great. Please improve it, Waindigo.
Exactly what I was searching for, thank you very much for your amazing work!
Awesome plugin, awesome support.
Excelent, but users not see full list of joinable groups and list of then members. Also not seen in which groups consist one user in profile page.
Great Add-on
Thank you very much!
Even better.