[TH] Install and Upgrade

[TH] Install and Upgrade 1.4.14b

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Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed upgrade path from Waindigo -> ThemeHouse add-ons
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Bug Fix:
  • Add-on no longer 'disappears' when you upgrade from the previous version.
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Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed 'File not found' error when installing add-on from URL
  • Fixed potential error when checking for add-on updates
Fixed error on add-on update
  • Substantially reduces the number of HTTP requests made by not checking for updates on the same add-on more than once in a 6 hour period
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As many of you may already know, Audentio Design has recently acquired all Waindigo add-ons. In an effort for things to be easier, and much less confusing we are also creating a new brand known as Hex Themes that will be a child brand of Audentio Design to house all of our products. More details on this can be found here.

Bug Fixes
  • Add-on update checks now work properly
  • Providing your Waindigo/Hex Themes credentials is no longer required to check for add-on updates.
  • It is no longer necessary to pass an array of installed Add-ons to any server to check for updates.
How do I update?
Simply install [#] Install and Upgrade while you still have Install and Upgrade by Waindigo installed. During this process the old add-on will be moved and all of your installed add-on URLs will be kept.
Updated to no longer throw errors when checking for add-on updates.
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Bug fixes:
  • Fixes outdated add-ons counter in XenForo 1.5 Beta 1.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes bug that no longer able to upgrade XenForo from Admin Control Panel following recent update to XenForo's Customer Area to make it responsive.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes "Use of undefined constant SORT_NATURAL" bug in PHP 5.3.