[TH] Install and Upgrade

[TH] Install and Upgrade 1.4.14b

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Absolutely lovely. Makes installing new add-ons and resources super easy, bypassing the need for me to download them myself, extract, then re-upload them to the web server. This should be included in XenForo by default, haha.
AFter a bit of confusion, and installation with another waindigo add-on normally, the plugin just started working! Now it works like a charm! Love it! Very Nice, love how you can upload zips as well as see all of your out dated add-ons.

Although the bullet-list (greyed out, unselectable) beside the 'outdated add-ons' is pretty annoying!
This is an all around amazing add-on. It makes keeping everything up-to-date really simply and easy. I'd recommend this to anyone!
One of the best addon. Really easy to use.
Moving from vb to xf and testing some things, what a fantastic add-on this is, so much easier to install things, great work Waindigo!!
Great addon!
A really nice add-on, a must for those of us who have a heap of add-ons installed that constantly need to be kept up-to-date. And I especially like the ability to upgrade add-ons hosted on other websites than xenforo.com.
This add-on makes it so easy to add on add-ons.
Great addon!
Super usefull!
Great addon and essential for forums with a alot of addons like us!
Love the add-on's concept and it's a great idea. Having some difficulties that I think may be tied to server permissions... what areas would need write permissions for this plugin to work? I'm a little lost there..
Awesome utility
Love the update checker :)
The installation from any url is very convenient. Really good addon. Thanks for it.
Makes it a lot easier to install or upgrade an add-on. This should becaome a standard!
Excellent addon for each xenForo site!
This addon is awesome. I can update both addons and styles with this without having to open up Filezilla and upload stuff manually. Thanks Waindigo!
Installing, upgrading made easy. Simply put, a must have addon.