[TH] Import Tools

Unmaintained [TH] Import Tools 1.0.1

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This has been useful, thanks Jon.
Thanks a lot! :)
Excellent add-on, I found it very useful to skip the steps I don't need to import and to avoid the duplicate content. Thank you very much.
This saved my site a recovery of 15,000+ posts from a bad import weeks after it took place.
This works great and saves and admin from having to re-import everything before going live.
that addon saved my life. I had a problem with one import from vb to xf and around 20% of the images were missing. With this add-on I just reran the import for attachments and everything is there again.
Works great. Allowed me to re-import my attachments after I already imported my entire phpBB board over. Great time saver rather than wiping mySQL and root folder, just had to re-import again and skip every step until I got to the attachments!